First off, this site does not address proper spelling, grammar or expressions of the English language. So don't email me if you're a critic. I have FSM's available. If you have any you would like me to post I can certainly do so. I talk mostly about my Ram on this page. I update this site when I deem it necessary. Why biodsl.com you ask? I had conenctions to obtain a 4.0L V6 Detroit Diesel engine to swap directly into my Durango R/T back in 2004. This was primarily for engine durability testing. Due to some US government changes with the top administration at Detroit Diesel corporation, I ultimately got the short end of the stick, so here I am with a Petrol Durango - stock.
        I just traded in my '00 R/T on 18 DEC 2014. So far I have great first impression of it and I can't wait to put it to work!
        If you wish to comment please feel free to email me. I'm open with any suggestions or comments you may have in regard to my ride.

Otherwise I hope you enjoy the site!

          B.A. Wilson